TPEG Seminar 22nd May 2019 bmt


TPEG-Seminar “Getting in touch with TPEG” on the 22nd of May 2019 in Munich.

TPEG is a protocol developed by the EBU in cooperation with the European Union. It was designed to broadcast digital traffic and travel information i. e. over DAB. The seminar is targeted at all engineering staff from the automobile industry, manufacturers of end-user devices, broadcast network providers, multiplexer manufacturers, service and program providers and representatives from the broadcast industry. It will be held in English. No previous experience with TPEG is required.


Experts from the bmt focus the seminar on the following topics:

–           Introduction to TPEG Technology

–           TPEG Specifications

–           TPEG Reception in Theory and Hands-on Session

–           TPEG Service Design in Theory and Hands-on Session


Bmt has been actively working on TPEG standardisation for more than 15 years and is a member of several TISA and Standards working groups.

The admission fee is 780 EUR plus 19% VAT, this includes course materials and catering for the day.

Please note that there is a maximum number of participants for the seminar. Therefore we reserve the right to cancel reservations due to overbooking.


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Introduction to TPEG Technology

– From TMC to TPEG

– Core Features of TPEG

– Differentiation from other services


TPEG Specifications

– Overview

– How to build a TPEG Application (UML Model)

– Message management

– Geo referencing

– Coding: XML/binary

– Different Applications (TEC, TFP, PKI, …)


TPEG Service Framework


TPEG via the DAB standard

– Country update

– Clarity of applications available


TPEG Distribution

– Broadcast

– Mobile Communication

– Conditional Access


TPEG Reception and Analysis

– Live Reception

– Analysis of test streams


TPEG Service design and Playout

– Design of TPEG Services


Discussion and Final Questions


For networking we invite you on the evening before to a typical Munich pub or beer garden.





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Rosenheimer Straße 145e

81671 Munich | GERMANY