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TPEG Workshops

In cooperation with TISA, Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt) offers one-day TPEG Seminar “Getting in touch with TPEG” several times a year in English and German.

TPEG is a protocol developed by EBU in cooperation with the European Union which was designed to broadcast digital traffic and travel information. The seminar is addressed to all engineering staff from the automobile industry, manufacturers of end-user devices, broadcast network providers, multiplexer manufacturers, service and programme providers and representatives from the broadcast industry. No previous experience with TPEG is required for the seminar.

The speakers will present the following topics:

  • Introduction to TPEG Technology
  • TPEG Specifications
  • TPEG Reception in Theory and Hands-on Session
  • TPEG Service Design in Theory and Hands-on Session (including real transmission and receiving)

The speakers have been actively working on TPEG standardization for more than 10 years and are members of several TISA and Standards working groups.

Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a not-for-profit company focussed on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEG technologies. TISA was founded on synergy among previously separate member organisations and it now ensures an international framework for the co-ordinated development of future standards and services.



ACID Application Content Id

ADC Application Data Container

AES Advanced Encryption Standard

AGORA-C Compact Variant of AGORA Location Referencing Method

AID Application Identification

ALP Adaptation Layer Profile

ALProfile Adaptation Layer Profile


BAWG Bussiness Analysis Working Group

BOAT Business Opportunities Analysis Template

BTE Broadcast Timeshare Extension


C-ITS Connected ITS

CA Conditional Access

CAI Conditional Access Information

CEN European Committee for Standardization

COID Content Identification

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

CTT Congestion and Travel Time


DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAB-ALP Adaptation Layer Profile for DAB

DARC Data Radio Channel

DATEX Data Exchange

DLR Dynamic Location Reference

DMB Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

DTD Document Type Definition

DVB Digital Video Broadcasting


EAW Emergency Alerts and Warnings

EBU European Broadcasting Union

EMI Electromobility Information

EncID Encryption Indicator

ETL Enhanced TMC Location

ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute


FPI Fuel Price Information


GLR Geographic Location Referencing

GST Guide to the Services Table


HD High Definition

HECA High Efficiency Conditional Access

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol


ID Identifier

INV Introduction, Numbering and Versions

IP Internet Protocol

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ITS Intelligent Transport System


JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group


LHW Local Hazard Warning

LOC Location Referencing

LR Location Referencing

LRA Location Referencing for Applications

LRC Location Referencing Container

LTE Light Encryption


MMC Message Management Container

MOT Multimedia Object Transfer

MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group

MSC Main Service Channel


OLR Open Location Referencing

OpenLR Open Location Referencing

OSI Open Systems Interconnection


RDS Radio Data System

RMR Road and Multimodal Routes

RPI Road Pricing Information

RTIC Road Transport Information and Control

RTM Road Traffic Message


PDA Personal Digital Assistant

PND Personal Navigation Device

PKI Parking Information

POI Points of Interest

PSMP Public Service Media Profile

PTS Public Transport Information Service


SC Service Component

SCID Service Component Identification

SFW Service Framework

SID Service ID

SNI Service and Network Information

SPI Speed Information

SSF Syntax, Semantics and Framing


TAP TPEG Automotive Profile

TAWG TPEG Applications Working Group (TISA)

TDC Transparent Data Channel

TDT TPEG Data Types

TEC Traffic Event Compact

TFP Traffic Flow and Prediction

TISA Traveller Information Services Association

TLR TMC Location Referencing

TMC Traffic Message Channel

TPEG Transport Protocol Experts Group

TPSM1 TPEG Public Service Media Profile Nr 1

TTI Traffic and Travel Information


VICS Vehicle Information and Communication System

VLI Vigilance Location Information


UBCR TPEG2 Uml to Binary Conversion Rules

UCP Use Case Proposal

UCS Universal Character Set

UKW Ultrakurzwelle (German equivalent to FM)

ULR Universal Location Referencing

UML Unified Modelling Language

UMR TPEG2-UML Modelling Rules

UTF UCS Transformation Format

UXCR TPEG2-UML XML Conversion Rules


WEA Weather Information


XML Extensible Markup Language

XRC Cross Reference Container

XSD XML Schema Definition